Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray

This Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray is a great way to transition between summer decor and traditional fall decor. If you’re not quite ready to go “full-on pumpkin” yet, this is fill the gap.

It’s feeling like fall in Iowa this week, friends. I’m not talking about lovely crisp autumn days with sunshine and gently falling leaves and all. No.

I’m talking about literally overnight going from 90s and sunny, to 40s/50s, dark, windy, and rainy for going on 5 days straight now. Rude.

It did get me thinking about my fall decor, though. I’m not quite ready to get all my pumpkins out just yet, though, so instead I decided to go with an early fall theme…. apples. Kind of clever actually, because now I can decorate for fall twice. 😆

How to Create an Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray

Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray
Vintage pastry cutter

Getting Creative

The apple theme forced me to think outside the box a bit, though, because I don’t own a lot of “apple-y” things. I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to display some of my vintage baking utensils, since several of them worked with my color scheme. Plus, apples and baking go hand-in-hand, right?

Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray
Vintage toy hand mixer and rolling pins.
Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray
Vintage spice box. It says “whole cloves’ on the top in my great-grandmother’s writing. It’s still filled with “vintage” cloves, too! 😂

I was excited to use another one of my Willow Tree Angels for this tiered tray. Since my kids gave me most of these over the years while they were growing up, they bring back such happy memories.

The mason jar candle you’ve seen before, in my July 4 Tiered Tray. This time, I cut a scrap of vintage fabric from my mom’s collection and tucked it over the top, reminiscent of an old-fashioned jelly jar.

Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray

The little wooden apple came from an antique store. The top comes off and it’s hollow inside.

Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray

I also got the little stone jug at an antique store. I paid too much for it, but I couldn’t resist it since it says “Iowa” on it, and reminds me of a full-sized jug I have that used to be my mom’s. It works well here with the tin cup, sort of like it’s ready to pour some apple cider. 🍎

Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray

Once again, I resorted to making my own mini sign to fit the theme. I found a small block of scrap wood in the garage, then printed a picture from online that I liked, and cut it to the right size to fit the wood block.

Then, I just Mod Podged it on, except I didn’t have any real Mod Podge, so I made my own by mixing water and glue. I brushed it on the wood, then positioned the paper, and then also painted the glue over the top of the paper, too, to seal it down.

After letting it dry, it looks like a vintage sign!

Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray

I finished by filling in the gaps in the tiered tray with artificial flowers from Hobby Lobby. I chose sunflowers in a cream tone to fit my color scheme. I tend to use more muted colors overall, with just pops of seasonal colors.

I again wrapped my favorite Milkhouse Candle with a little checkered ribbon, for a bit more color near the back.

Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray

I will probably keep this Early Fall Apple Tiered Tray out until the beginning of October, and then it will officially be pumpkin season in my book, giving me a reason to re-do this tray again in the near future. 🤪#tieredtrayobsession

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30 thoughts on “Early Fall Apple Themed Tiered Tray

  1. Love your tiered tray Niky, but my favorite if your grandmother’s tin of cloves. I am a sucker for anything handed down through the generations, and how they always put masking tape and labeled everything! My grandmother did the same thing. She is quickly approaching 101 in a few months, we have been going through her home getting ready to sell it, and I have laughed and smiled every time I come across something labeled with masking tape. I wish folks were more open to learning the ways they lived, they were the smartest generation if you ask me.

    1. First, how lucky you are to have your grandmother still! It’s been at least 20 years since I lost both of mine. Miss them still.

      Also, I agree about the masking tape. My mom passed about 5 years ago, and many of the items I have from her house had tape or a little piece of paper tucked inside telling the signifcance of the piece, where she got, who gave it to her, etc. LOVE! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing this happy memory with me!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Needless to say, the beautiful picture drew me right in. I love tiered trays! I have one in my kitchen that I’ve had for a few years now and I still love it as much as the day I brought it home. I love changing it out from season to season….a favorite of my sons’ is when I make it into a hot chocolate tray and put all kinds of toppings out for them to use should they want to grab a cup. I have to confess- I have had a fall decorated home for two weeks now. I love this time of year and was so ready to put out all my pumpkins! I love your blog and how it feels inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This really is inspiring – time to get my fall decorations out!! I’m so glad you joined the Share the Wealth party at My Big Fat Menopausal Life. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll bring! Thanks.

  4. Love your apple themed tray!! And the sign that you made!! I am doing an Apple and Sunflower theme too for Late Summer in my Kitchen….I will be posting later today about it so stop by if you get a chance!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  5. Totally totally cute tray for early fall, Niky!!! I’m so glad you popped over last week and linked up at Share Your Style. I am happy to feature your fun fall post (sorry about the overnight change in the weather!) here at SYS #274 this week. <3 Pinned, as always, to my Share Your Style board.

    Happy fall and enjoy the lovely fall weather (as the sun comes out!),
    Barb 🙂

  6. That is just perfect for this time of year.. now I’m kid of wondering why I haven’t always decorated with more apples for fall as I just LOVE them and they are for sure the first sign of spring I look forward to (much more so than pumpkins!).

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