DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover

I love a good farmhouse sign, I love crafting, and I also love thrifting, so when those three things came together for my DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover, I was especially happy. 😁

Recently, while poking around in a thrift store, I came across these two signs for just a couple of bucks each.

Even though I didn’t particularly like the quotes that were already on them, I knew that without much trouble, they’d work perfectly for this DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover project!

Thrift store signs for my DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover

The first sign looks like it came from one of those make-your-own-sign workshops.

My daughter and I did that a couple of years ago, and it was fun.

But, I can guarantee you that whoever made the “All of God’s Grace in One Tiny Face” sign paid a whole lot more than 2 bucks for it. It’s a good solid sign, made from some hefty wood. Definitely worth the 2 bucks.

The other sign is a 3-dimensional, manufactured block wood sign. The sides were already painted gray, and I liked the natural wood front. The quote? Not so much.

Nothing an orbital sander and some coffee can’t fix….☕️

DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover process photo.

Okay, well the coffee might not be absolutely necessary, but it will make your project go more smoothly. That’s coffee’s superpower.

DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover


Using the orbital sander, the stenciled lettering came off like butter.

Sanding the signs to remove old wording for my DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover

I was a bit more cautious on the wooden box since it was thinner and hollow, so I used a hand sanding block for this one. Still, the painted lettering came off easily.


The box sign I left alone, but after sanding, the stain on the larger sign was pretty uneven.

Using a can of stain leftover from another project, I just brushed a little on with a foam brush, and then immediately wiped it off again with an old cloth.

I didn’t want it to penetrate too deeply or be too dark because I still wanted to see the wood grain.


Using my Cricut, I created a couple of simple stencils.

I decided the box sign would look cute in my office, so I made a very basic stencil with the name of my blog on it. This is why making your own signs is so fun– they’re one of a kind!

For spring, I decided I wanted a farmhouse-style flower market sign.

I could have made the stencil myself on Cricut Design Studio, but there are so many free SVGs online that I took a quicker route.

This one was nearly perfect for what I wanted, so I uploaded it into Design Studio, and cut it out on stenciling vinyl.

To get it to fit better on my three horizontal wood strips, I cut the stencil apart so I could line it up how I wanted. Transfer tape is the key to getting it situated precisely.

If you don’t have a Cricut, there are lots of pre-made stencils you can find to create your lettering.

You could even use the free “print and trace method” I used for my Herb Box and my Fall Porch Sign. These methods are easy and work well, too! No Cricut necessary!

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is my secret weapon for creating crisp lettering on any stenciling project.

Simply fill in the stencils with Mod Podge first, let it dry, and then use your choice of paint.

The Mod Podge “seals” the edges of the stencil and prevents the paint from seeping under and making fuzzy letters. So easy, and it works like a charm!


My Finished DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover Projects

I’m so happy with how they both turned out! Aren’t they so much better than how I found them?

DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover finished

Do you enjoy thrifting? Can I just take a moment to also tell you that not only are my DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Signs thrifted, but so are the basket and the white milk glass bud vases!

The basket will be perfect for a variety of uses throughout the seasons and I only paid $3.99 for it.

The bud vases…. hold onto your hats folks…. were 10 cents each. I mean, 10 cents is practically free, and you know how I love milk glass. Steal of a deal for sure.

Plus, on the same thrifting adventure last weekend, I came home with this vintage ironstone tureen for only 3 bucks. You can see how I used it in my Spring Kitchen Counters Pinterest Challenge earlier this week.

See how I gave this old oak lazy Susan a pretty makeover HERE.

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Happy Upcycling,

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30 thoughts on “DIY Thrift Store Farmhouse Sign Makeover

  1. Love the sign makeovers Niky, and I am a huge fan of milk glass myself. I cannot say the Cricut and I get along so well though. It seems there is always some disaster that happens when I attempt to create my own work. Your project turned out beautifully, I can take a tip or two from you!

    1. I’m laughing at this comment, Cara, because I also spend a lot of time fighting with my Cricut. I’m just too stubborn to let it win, so I usually get the outcome I was wanting, but it sure ain’t easy!

  2. Niky what a great project with beautiful photos to accompany it!
    Congrats – you are one of our Featured Guests at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  3. These both look great! I don’t even think I could pick a favorite. I don’t think I’ve ever considered making over a sign from the thrift shop, although I makeover frames all the time. Such a great idea! Also, I can’t believe you got that ironstone for $3!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Alright, new friend, you’re making me want to give my circuit stencil vinyl another try…I abandoned it after a horrible bleed disaster project last month and have been too chicken to try it again since. Such a great idea to use mod podge to seal it too! I’ve always use my background color paint, but mod podge is even better as it dries clear, I’ll have to try that next time. Both of your signs turned out so beautiful, and the fresh flower sign looks so good next to the thrifted basket and milk glass. Such a pleasure getting to know you and hopping with you!

    1. I have had some misadventures and frustrations with my new Cricut too, so you’re not alone! There’s definitely a learning curve, and many curse words have been uttered along the way! 😂
      So fun hopping with you, Allison!

  5. Niky, I LOVE the sign! I never thought to buy one with a saying I didn’t like…just brilliant. Now when I go thrifting and see a sign, I will look at it with different eyes. Thanks for sharing and happy hopping with you!

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