DIY Painted Vintage Table Makeover

This DIY Painted Vintage Table Makeover is the product of a Facebook Marketplace purchase gone wrong, but then right again.

You guys know how much I like to refinish and flip furniture. I usually find my furniture pieces for projects like these at thrift stores, flea markets, or yard sales, but once in a while find myself browsing Facebook Marketplace to see what’s available locally.

Sometimes, I come across something wonderful– like a free Pottery Barn dresser that I picked up recently from a house just down the road.

Sometimes, I end up with something that requires a lot more work than anticipated. Remember this antique bookcase that required us to build all new shelves?

This little antique table was somewhere in the middle. It was a long way from wonderful. It had been the victim of a bad paint job by someone prior to me.

But, it was cute, it was dainty, it was solid wood, and it was definitely vintage. Maybe even antique. I could see the original dark stain peeking through on the table legs of this old piece of furniture.

So for only $15, I arranged to pick it up on my way home from work because I knew with just a little bit of paint and some imagination, I could give it a fresh new look.

I am partnering with Dixie Belle Paint Company for this post. Paint and materials were generously provided to me by Dixie Belle, but all ideas and creations are my own. Affiliate links are used for your convenience.

Terra Paint & Vintage Post Transfer

Just look at the difference!

  • a much-improved milky white color ✔️
  • coverage over the previous brush strokes and paint flaking off ✔️
  • a beautiful (and easy-to-apply) paint transfer with vintage lettering ✔️
  • a protective clear coat to make it last a long time ✔️
DIY Painted Vintage Table Makeover with Dixie Belle vintage post transfer and Terra Paint


The first thing I did was give the entire table a good cleaning with Dixie Belle’s Terra Clean, to remove any dirt or grime.

Other than that, I didn’t have to do much prep work. However, if you have to do any sanding, gluing, or repairing, make sure you use a tack cloth to remove any sanding dust that might prevent your paint from adhering.


After my little wood table was clean, I flipped it upside down to give me easy access to the table base.

Whoever had painted this piece previously had used a couple of different colors, and a poor technique, because the brush strokes were painfully obvious.

Dixie Belle’s Terra Paint turned out to be the best paint for this job! It has a lovely thick texture that provided good coverage over the old finish.

I gave it two coats of paint in the color Prairie Dawn, which is a milky, warm white paint. Moon Beam is another beautiful paint color that would go well with the Vintage Post transfer, but Terra Clay Paint comes in lots of fun colors, so choose what works for your project and style!

Be sure to allow each coat of paint to dry thoroughly before proceeding. Two hours of drying time after the first coat is a good idea, and at least 24 hours after the second coat before moving on to applying the transfer and sealing.

Transfer Application

Selecting and applying the transfer is the fun part!

Dixie Belle’s Vintage Post transfer was a great way to give this DIY table an antique look.

I experimented with how I wanted the vintage writing to fit together on the top of the table.

I cut out the pieces, removed the plastic backing, and then used the enclosed transfer tool to rub, rub, rub until the transfer fully adhered to the table top.

It’s just that easy!

DIY Painted Vintage Table Makeover

Now this old table looks like…. ummm… an old table.

Just a better old table.

Clear Coat

The next step after applying the transfer is to seal the top to protect the finished product. The best way to do this is with at least one coat of Terra Seal.

It applies easily with a paint brush or a blue sponge, and has a lovely flat finish, with a matte sheen.

Allow at least 48 hours of dry time after your final coat of Terra Seal. You can then use the table lightly, but it takes about 21-30 days to cure completely before you expose it to heavy usage.

DIY Painted Vintage Table Makeover

More Table Ideas…

This painting method is ideal for little side tables like this one, but you could do this to just about any thrift store find.

What about a painted coffee table? A living room end table? Nightstands? Even a kitchen table or dining room table.

–> Tip: If painting a dining table, be sure to use a top coat sealer such as Gator Hide or Terra Tuff for extra durability that will stand up to heavy daily use.

There are many possibilities for making your own table!

It’s amazing what just a little paint can do. Adding a unique transfer takes the hard work out of making a one-of-a-kind final product.

You can check out all of Dixie Belle’s beautiful Belles & Whistles Transfers HERE.

Happy Creating,

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