Dixie Belle Paint Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends with Dixie Belle Paints

I love having a variety of Dixie Belle paints, supplies, and tools on hand for whenever “odds & ends” projects pop up unexpectedly.

Sure, sometimes I’m working on a big project or furniture flip, like my still-favorite Vintage Buffet Makeover or my recent free Pottery Barn Dresser makeover.

For these big projects, I typically plan ahead and order the specific Dixie Belle supplies I need for my idea.

But other times, little projects pop up that hadn’t necessarily been planned.

I might be decorating a room, creating a display or vignette, or updating a thrift store find when I decide that something needs a little makeover or touch-up in the moment.

Odds & ends projects such as these are why I love having a nice stash of Dixie Belle paint, stains, and supplies on hand, so I can easily work some magic.

I am partnering with Dixie Belle Paint Company for this post. Paint and stain were generously provided to me by Dixie Belle, but all ideas and creations are my own. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Dixie Belle Paint Company

Dixie Belle Paint Odds & Ends

Cherry Blossom Child’s Bench

I picked up this cute little solid wood bench at a thrift store over a year ago.

Recently, the physical therapist suggested that Baby Evie needed a sturdy little seat to practice her sitting and standing.

Right away, this tiny solid wood bench popped into my mind! Since I planned to visit in a couple of days, I went right to work making it extra pretty for our baby girl.

I gave the whole bench a couple of coats of Chalk Mineral Paint in the color Pink Champagne. This color is very light, almost white, with just a hint of pink– perfect for adding transfers on top!

–> Tip: If I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would have first used a coat of BOSS under the Pink Champagne to make sure no tannins from the wood or previous stain leaked through. But since I was short on time, I took my chances without it. Fortunately, it worked out okay.

Next, I had these Cherry Blossom transfers that I had been looking for a reason to use. They are so pretty and perfect for spring!

In no time at all, I had them cut, arranged where I wanted, and rubbed into place. Transfers are such an easy way to make a big impact on a piece with little time and effort.

I added a Satin Clear coat for durability, because you know…. toddler, and this bench was ready for special delivery.

Evie on bench- Dixie Belle Paint Odds & Ends
The perfect “pretty in pink” seat for a princess and her jingle dog.

Dixie Belle Supplies Used for this Project:

Making projects for our sweet little miss has become one of my favorite things to do with my Dixie Belle Paints! You might remember these projects for Baby Evie:

Rustic Herringbone Tray

This spring, I was working on Spring Lantern Decor for the February Pinterest Challenge. I tried out a few trays to hold my lantern and bunnies and wasn’t really liking any of them.

They either were the wrong shape, the wrong style, or the wrong color.

Dixie Belle Paints to the rescue!

I picked up this yellow and blue tray at a thrift store a while back. It was rectangular and sturdy, but it had oily, melted candle wax all over it.

I used Pristine Clean and Scrubby Soap with warm water (the scratchy pad part was perfect for scrubbing off the wax!) to give it a good clean, before painting it with two coats of Chalk Mineral Paint in the color Sand Bar.

A quick application of this Rustic Herringbone transfer topped with some Satin Clear Coat for extra protection and I had the perfect tray for my display!

Carrots on lantern
Isn’t this a big improvement?!

This is a great example of being able to whip up exactly what I needed because I had a variety of Dixie Belle supplies on hand, along with a stash of thrift store finds waiting for a makeover.

–>Tip: Did you know that Dixie Belle has Starter Bundles? They are the perfect little pack of items to get you going on a project.

Silk Paint Starter Bundle

Dixie Belle Supplies Used for this Project:

Printer’s Tray Thrift Store Find

Sometimes you get lucky and find a great piece that doesn’t require much help at all!

A couple of months ago, I picked up this antique printer’s tray at a thrift store for only $3.99!

I know, right?!

It’s treasures like this that make me love thrift store shopping. I may have done a little happy dance in the aisle when I spied it.

Other than being pretty dusty, it was in great shape, so home with me it came.

I used some paper towels and Pristine Clean to remove the layers of dust, and then just gave the whole thing a good polish with Big Mama’s Butta in this pretty floral scent called Suzanne’s Garden.

Big Mama's Butta

This super soft and buttery wax was all this tray needed to revive the wood grain and add a bit of luster.

printer's tray

With only a few minutes of work, this piece was ready for hanging on my wall. I’ll show you how I styled it soon. 🙂

Dixie Belle Supplies Used for this Project:

Display Case for Collectibles

My husband pulled these old glass display cases out of storage and asked if I could help him fix them up for his sports card collection.

No problem, babe. I got you.

The bottom of the cases had a canvas fabric, almost like a drop cloth material.

I used Chalk Mineral Paint in Caviar and thinned it with a little water.

It took about three coats of paint to provide solid coverage. I allowed the display cases to dry thoroughly in the sun before moving to the next step, because they were fairly saturated with the thinned wet paint.

When the paint was completely dried, I applied black Best Dang Wax in a circular motion over all the cloth background. This gave the fabric a soft and supple texture instead of a crunchy dried paint feel.

This simple little fix made these display cabinets almost good as new. You’d never know they weren’t always solid black.

Mr. Silverado was happy with them. Mission accomplished!

Dixie Belle Supplies Used for this Project:

Upcycled Bulletin Board

You might remember that I recently gave The House on Silverado office an amazing closet makeover.

Since I was able to fully customize this closet to my needs, I added a little workstation in the middle.

I wanted a bulletin board in the back for business cards, photos, and such, but I didn’t have one.

I almost ordered one, when I remembered this chalkboard in the basement storage area. It was the perfect size, but I didn’t want a chalkboard– I wanted a bulletin board.

Plus, it was ugly.

A little Moonshine Metallic paint in the color Rosay, some twine, and mini clothespin clips left over from another project, and I was all set!

My New Organized Office Closet
Center workstation with a “bulletin board”.

It didn’t cost anything since it was an upcycle from something I already owned, and the Rosay paint adds the perfect little pop of shimmery pink to the gray and white closet. Bonus: it coordinates perfectly with my pink Cricut Maker.

Plus, the colors are very “on-brand” for The House on Silverado. 🙂 Win-win.

I love how my Dixie Belle Paints let me customize things just how I want them.

Dixie Belle Supplies Used for this Project:

Compass Rose Side Table

My hubs brought this very western side table home from an estate sale because he knew I’d like the bronzed horses running around all four sides.

He was right, I loved the metal portion of the table and knew it would be perfect for our three-season porch that overlooks the horse pasture.

But the boot and stars on top? Um, no.

No big deal though, because I knew I could fix it right up with some things from my Dixie Belle stash.

First, I gave the whole table a good cleaning.

The top of the table was very slick and shiny, so I painted on a nice even layer of Slick Stick just on the top.

Slick Stick is Dixie Belle’s problem-solver for surfaces that are shiny, slick, or slippery. It ensures that your choice of paint will adhere properly to these types of difficult-to-paint surfaces.

I allowed the Slick Stick to dry overnight and then used Dixie Belle’s All-in-One Silk Paint in a gorgeous chocolatey brown called Umber.

It was the perfect, rich color to coordinate nicely with the oil-rubbed bronze metal part of the table, which I left totally untouched other than cleaning.

Once I had a clean slate on the tabletop, I created a basic compass rose stencil on my Cricut Maker.

I wanted something simple that wouldn’t compete with the horses on the sides.

I used Gemstone Mousse to fill in the stencil, which is no longer available, but copper or bronze Gilding Wax will give you a similar effect.

When everything was thoroughly dry, I gave the top a nice even layer of Gator Hide–Dixie Belle’s most durable top coat.

Doesn’t it look so much better now?

It’s a perfect little table for enjoying my morning coffee in the porch.

Dixie Belle Supplies Used for this Project:

All of the projects I’ve shared with you today were completed in a very short amount of time, and with only a few supplies each.

They were all spontaneous projects that arose unexpectedly. This is why I love having a fully stocked shelf of Dixie Belle products.

It allows me to have fun and be creative whenever I want.

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This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

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10 thoughts on “Dixie Belle Paint Odds & Ends

  1. Hi! I have been following your blog for a while because i too use Dixie Belle products. I have thought about using the Herringbone transfer from Belles and Whistles but thougt it would look to fake but your tray turned out really pretty. I also love the Cherry Blossoms on that Evie’s bench. So cute. Thank you for sharing all of your projects. I love getting inspiration from all of you amazing bloggers.

  2. The horse table looks great! Actually, everything does. I have to share, I picked up my first transfer, and now I am so excited to use it. My problem is finding the perfect place to put it, maybe when I am feeling better I will figure it out. The transfer on the tray looks great.

  3. Beautiful projects! I would like to get into upcycling furniture. I’m not a very good painter, but I think I just need a bit of practice. There is a shop that offers classes, I’ve been thinking about taking one of my pieces down there, just for a bit of guidance. I like this post though, where you explain what you used each step of the way.

    1. Thanks, Alexandra. I’m glad you found it useful. I enjoy painting furniture both for the outcome (custom, good quality piece for far less than buying new), but also for the process, which I find very relaxing. Trial and error has been my key to success! Paint is easy to change if you don’t like the result. Just paint over it again! 🙂

  4. SO many great projects, I love the pretty little bench and that table transformation is amazing. These will be a feature over at Handmade Monday later today.

  5. Evie’s bench turned out so adorable. She looks quite at home perched there. I bet she will read lots of books while sitting on her bench too!

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