Cute & Spooky DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Ghost Candles

DIY Dollar Tree Ghost Candles

These cute and spooky DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Ghost Candles are so much fun to make! Plus, they are easy and inexpensive, too!

They look super cute on a console table or fireplace mantel during the day.

Cute & Spooky DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Ghost Candles

And they get even better at night all lit up as a spooky Halloween centerpiece for your table.

DIY Dollar Tree Ghost Candles

How to Make Your Own Ghost Halloween Candles

For this fun project you will need:

  • white taper candles (I bought these at Dollar Tree, 2 per box for $1.25)
  • a container big enough for the candles to lay flat (the one I used is also from Dollar Tree)
  • hot water (just as hot as it will get from your tap–no need to heat it up more)
  • candlesticks (I used ones I already had, but Dollar Tree sells them, too!)
  • black Sharpie or black craft paint

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Soften the Candles

Fill a large container with the hottest water that will come from your tap.

Gently place the white taper candles into the water. Allow them to soak for several minutes until the water has cooled enough for you to insert your hands and begin shaping the candles.

Gently (Gently!) Bend

Using two hands, gently begin to bend each white candle into slight curves. I did this while the candles were still in the water bath. The softer the wax, the easier it will be to create the desired shape.

Cute & Spooky DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Ghost Candles

Shape the candles in several small steps, adding more hot water each time.

Soak, then shape the candle gently. Add more hot water, soak, and shape a little bit more.

Repeat these steps until the candles have the desired bends and curves.

Bend at the top and bottom of the candles in opposite directions to create cute ghost silhouettes.

Oops 🙂

If you bend a bit too far and one of your candles breaks, don’t despair!

Your display will look best with candle ghosts of different heights, so use a pair of scissors to snip the wick and turn that candle into a short ghost!

While the wax is still warm from the hot water, just use your fingers to smooth the broken end of the candle.

–> Be cautious about dumping the water in your sink when you’re finished molding the candles. It will have some residual wax in the water that might clog your drain. I dumped my water outside.


Allow the candles to cool completely before handling them, because the wax will be very soft.

I placed mine on paper towels on the cool granite countertop and it took about 15-20 minutes before they no longer felt warm to the touch.

Add the Faces

Adding the faces is fun! You can use either a black Sharpie marker or black paint to add simple faces to your ghost candles.

Use a little creativity to create a variety of ghost expressions for your Halloween display.

You could even glue on tiny googly eyes if you don’t plan to light your candles!

DIY Dollar Tree Ghost Candles

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Finally, use candle holders to display your ghost candles in a fun way.  

I used a variety of crystal candlesticks that I already owned, but you can find different types of candle holders at Dollar Tree, Amazon, or even a thrift store for not a lot of money.

If you find inexpensive candle holders, don’t worry about the color.  Black or silver spray paint is an easy way to change the look of a metal or glass candle holder to make it work for your DIY Halloween decorations.

The entryway table by the front door is a great place to showcase my ghost candles for the Halloween season because the mirror adds an extra spooky reflective effect.  But there are many other great options:

  • move your candle display to the front porch while you pass out candy on trick-or-treat night–the kids will love it!
  • use your display as a centerpiece for a spooky dinner at this time of year
  • how fun would this be in the center of the food table at your Halloween party?!
  • use individual candles as party favors at your party
  • this would be a great Halloween craft idea to do with kids  (An adult should handle the hot water part, but the kids can help with the shaping and faces)  
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I love DIY projects, and easy ideas are my favorite!  

This one in particular is a great example of how a project doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to achieve a great finished product!  With just ordinary items, you can create some of the best Halloween decorations.

“Spooky season” is the perfect time to experiment with craft supplies and dollar store items to create easy decorations.

Hocus Pocus & Happy Halloween,

Let’s be friends!

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21 thoughts on “Cute & Spooky DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Ghost Candles

  1. So adorable! I have several old candles that are not quite straight anymore and now I know what to do with them. Thank you so much for sharing this idea.

  2. Candles have always been “ tall and straight” so that wax does not spill everywhere …it looks like these sweet ghosts would be dripping everywhere.

    1. “Tall and straight” wouldn’t be as fun, right? That’s the whole point of this idea. I have them on a platter to catch any potential drips though, just like I do with all of my candles. And if you choose not to light them, they’re still just as cute. Best wishes to you, Margaret.

  3. OMG, Niky – ADORABLE!!
    We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

  4. Oh my goodness! This is an adorable DIY project and I’m pinning it for future fun! The project reminds me of a favorite book I’d read to my kindergartners each year, “Ten Timid Ghosts.” Evie may enjoy it as she gets a little older – it’s a fun counting book!

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