Cozy Winter Scene Terrarium

As soon as I took down my Christmas decor, I already missed the comfort and warm glow of the lights. Instead of packing everything away, I kept out some of the items that were more “wintery” and not necessarily Christmasy.

I wrote in a post last month about how I like to incorporate cozy lighting in my house not just at Christmas, but all year long (okay, maybe not as much as I do during Christmastime, but still some…)

This sweet little Winter Scene Terrarium was the perfect way to replace the lighted Christmas centerpiece on my kitchen table, and extend the cozy lighting a little bit longer.

The Terrarium

I picked this terrarium up last year while shopping on a First Friday Weekend at the West Bottoms in Kansas City.

It’s not an antique. It probably came from Hobby Lobby originally. But, a terrarium was on my list of things I wanted to find, and this one is cute, even if it’s not old.

For a while, I used it to hold several succulents in little terracotta pots, but they all died. 😯

When I was thinking about what to put on my dining table after Christmas, this terrarium popped into my mind, and the idea for this winter scene was born.

The Accent Pieces

I didn’t buy anything new for this vignette.

The little flocked tree was the one that I had in the back of my vintage Tonka Truck display at Christmas.

I have an entire collection of Willow Tree Angels that my kids gifted me over many years. I enjoy using them for various displays.

The mini chalkboard came from the Target Dollar Spot a year or two ago.

I kept out a few pine cones, before packing them away with my Christmas things. I used some in my Winter Tiered Tray and some here.

And the twinkle fairy lights are the same ones I use in many displays every season and holiday, all year long. They get a workout!

I love how pretty it looks in the dark. And the Willow Tree Angel holding the lantern just works so well for this wintery scene.

The fairy lights come on automatically at the same time each evening, and turn off 6 hours later.

It adds such a comforting glow to the kitchen while we’re cooking, and serves almost like candlelight when we eat dinner at the table.

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I plan to keep my “wintery” decor out for a couple of more weeks before I give in to the pink hearts! I’m working on some cute crafts for Valentine’s that I’m excited to share with you soon! Until then…

Warm Winter Wishes,

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Wood Terrarium with 2-Doors 

Black Glass Terrarium

H Potter Glass Terrarium

Fairy Lights,2-Pack Battery Operated String Lights

Willow Tree Angels

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26 thoughts on “Cozy Winter Scene Terrarium

  1. This is so pretty and a perfect transition from Christmas to Winter decor. Love it! Featuring when my party opens and thank you for sharing your creativity at my weekly party throughout 2022.

  2. Niky, this is so cute and love the cosy, warm light. I think that’s the reason my trees are the last to come down. I don’t want to give up the lights.

    Thanks for sharing at the Fabulous Friday Link Party. We would be featuring this , but we’re already featuring your cocktail tasting party!
    BTW — I didn’t realize you’re a KC girl. So am I!!!!

  3. I LOVE this!! How pretty is that terrarium! Such a wonderful idea for winter decorating. The twinkle lights add that perfect amount of sparkle, just like snow. Pinned!

  4. Your terrarium is adorable! Growing up, my best friend’s parents were big antique collectors, and her mother had one. I admired it all those years ago, and wish I could find one like she had. Even if yours is not old, it appears so, and is quite stunning the way you have it decorated for winter. Thank you for linking this to Whimsy Home Wednesday, I love a good trip down memory lane.

  5. Gorgeous! I’m always fascinated by this type of miniature scene — as if you could step inside that tiny world. You did a beautiful job on this one. Especially loving the twinkle lights at night.

  6. Niky, this is such a lovely idea! It’s so nice to have decorations throughout the seasons and I particularly like that this sweet terrarium display was made with things you already had on hand. It’s perfect for this season in our lives. Thank you for sharing and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party Community. I’m featuring this post at the party this week. Take care, and I wish you a wonderful week!

  7. Wonderful! We have a pretty glass terrarium that can be done in a similar way…perfect on the large island in the kitchen…thanks for a great idea! For winter after Christmas I did lots of pine and snowflakes of white and silver and some snowmen, birds, and pinecones.This will be a nice addition. I love fairy lights so much I keep some up everywhere year round. I too bemoan the absence of all the trees and lights 🙂

  8. This is so pretty and if I had space in my home and no, dogs or children I would like to have one. But since they like to use my home for a Race Track I would be afraid it would end up broken and I would be heartbroken so my home wouldn’t be a safe place for one no, matter how pretty this might be.

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