Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar

Can I just tell you how much I love Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar? I mean, love it….

Back in October, my husband and I were strolling through Costco, which was nothing unusual. At our house, anything that didn’t come from Amazon, probably came from Costco.

He was perusing the meat section, looking for something to put on his smoker for Sunday dinner. While he was doing that, I told him I was going to wander over to my favorite section at Costco– the wine. 🤪🍷

I wasn’t actually planning to buy anything, just browse, because our wine fridge was pretty full at the time. But, I’m so glad I ventured over to that area, because what to my wondering eyes should appear….

Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar!

Costco's Wine Advent Calendar

They were literally flying off the shelf, and I knew I had to have one, too! I couldn’t lift it myself, so I went back to fetch my hubby and the cart, with a sheepish grin on my face. Yes, I hadn’t planned to buy any wine that day, but this was different, right? 😂🤣

We got it home and tucked it away until December 1st, but boy, that was hard. I wanted to break it open and check it out so badly, but I behaved.

Each Costco advent calendar is stocked with 24 half-bottles from all around the world. There are wines from New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, and more! It cost just under $100, which is a pretty great deal if you calculate what two dozen 375 ML bottles would cost if purchased separately. Trust me, I did the math. It’s a steal.

Costco's Wine Advent Calendar

When advent season finally arrived, we eagerly pulled that box out and broke it open. We were still recovering from the wedding, and the holidays were upon us, so we needed it. No joke.

24 bottles from around the world in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
Come to Mama…

Poppin’ open tab #1….can you feel my excitement?

Italian wine in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
Half sized bottles in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar

Night 2….. A Chardonnay from France!

Chardonnay from Costco's Wine Advent Calendar

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Errr, actually a shrimp dinner, because my husband was making shrimp scampi for us that night, and, this Chardonnay was a perfect complement to our dinner. I typically prefer red wines, but I gave this one a 10/10 rating.

Perfect wine to accompany dinner each night in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
Yes, this shrimp scampi was as good as it looks. My husband never fails to amaze me.

Since opening the box on December 1, we’ve sampled many, many extraordinary bottles of wine.

People, this calendar does not disappoint. A half-bottle of wine is the perfect amount for two people to have one glass each.

We have enjoyed our wine in many ways over the past two weeks. Sometimes we pop a bottle when we get home from work and drink it as we prepare dinner.

Rose Wine in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
le tremble–a Rose from France

This is take-out pizza from Centro, perfect with our bottle of French Malbec.

Malbec in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar

Here we are enjoying a glass while doing some holiday baking.

Pinot Bianco in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
Pinot Blanco from Italy
Drinking wine and baking with Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
My mom’s famous sugar cookie recipe ❤️

Sometimes, we sip wine on the three-season porch and enjoy the sunset…

Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
Sauvignon Blanc

This spicy Spanish red wine went perfectly with our charcuterie tray for dinner one night.

Wine and charcuterie in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar
Sentido de Boro Tempranillo from Spain

We had this Cabernet from France with my husband’s special smokey steak chili.

French wine in Costco's Wine Advent Calendar

This delicious bottle of Merlot was sipped in front of the Christmas tree one night…

Costco's Wine Advent Calendar in front of the Christmas tree
Real-life disclosure– this is our basement family room. We have a tree up down here, with NO ORNAMENTS on it. Life has been kicking my butt lately, so not sure if it will get decorated or not. But the lights are pretty, right?

While we have enjoyed several bottles of wine over the last two weeks, we are a little bit behind. Life has been busy, and full of unexpected obstacles in the past week that were not conducive to sipping wine.

However, we have a few on reserve now to drink later, either after the holidays are over, OR on a night when only one half-bottle just isn’t gonna cut it. Can you relate?

In fact, this got me thinking that next year (because you know I’m gonna buy this baby again next year) we may just get one as soon as they go on sale, and stock our wine fridge with them to enjoy whenever we want, rather than trying to follow the advent schedule.

My husband even suggested last night that maybe we buy two, bless his heart. This man knows my love language. 😍🤣

Aldi also sells an advent wine calendar…

I read somewhere that Aldi also sells a similar wine calendar for a little lower price point. Online it states they were $69.99 for the 2019 ones. I see on their website they limit theirs to 2 per person. Maybe I will try one from Aldi and one from Costco next year? Yes, that sounds like a good plan.

Beer Advent Calendar fron Aldi's
The Aldi Wine Advent Calendar, which is on my wish list for next year

Look for Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar early in the season next year…

If you decide to get one next year, friends, I suggest you be on the lookout for them early. Costco’s were all sold out in October, and I read that people were lined up at the door the morning they came in stock at Aldi.

In my humble opinion, though, it’s worth it. We have tried many new and interesting wines in our Costco calendar, and every single one of them has been good. I mean 9/10 and 10/10 good.

The true purpose of advent

Finally, let me say that I do know that the true purpose of an advent calendar is to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas. I admit that I did not use this advent calendar for that purpose, because for me, that happens in various different ways in my heart and in my day-to-day actions. Drinking wine did not really factor into that process for me, at least this year.

BUT, I think you could use this advent calendar in the way that it was probably intended.

What if you used the time for a quiet prayer, meditation or reflection as you drank your evening glass of wine?

What if you sipped wine with your spouse or partner, and reflected on your family’s journey over the past year, and what your hopes, plans and goals are for the coming year?

So many possibilities. The choice is yours, but if you decide to purchase an advent wine calendar for yourself, I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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2 thoughts on “Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar

  1. That’s so great. Looks like you are really enjoying. We have a lidl near us (sister of aldi?) And they had a cheese advent calendar. I was so excited to snag one. They had a wine one in the ad, but the small print said it was only available in 2 states! And this wasnt one, so I was super disappointed.

    1. B,
      I’ve seen pictures of the various wine calendars at Aldi,too. They had a cheese one and a chocolate one. The Costco where I bought this wine calendar also had a beer calendar, so I think there are options for everyone, no matter their tastes! I hope you are able to get your hands on one (or more) to try next year. Maybe a road trip is in order, if they aren’t sold in your state! 🙂

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