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Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop. I especially love being able to choose gifts that can be customized or monogrammed. Those types of gifts seem more personal to me, and if I’m going to give a gift that’s a “thing”, I try to make it something that I’ve invested some time and effort in choosing.

The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things

In past years, I’ve really tried to lean toward gifts that are more about experiences, rather than things, because in my opinion, those are the types of gifts that create lasting memories, rather than just ending up forgotten a few weeks after the holiday.

But, I have to admit that this year is not necessarily the year for experience-giving, as who knows when/how those types of gifts will be able to be redeemed.

For example, last year, we gave the kids experiences. Tickets to a college basketball game and lunch out in college town for one kid, and tickets to the musical Wicked and dinner out for the others.

We managed to get to the basketball game in February before the world shut down, but Wicked was canceled, so the other kids didn’t get to redeem their gift, sadly. We’re hoping for a do-over at some point, but who knows when?


If I’m going to be giving gifts that are tangible items, then Etsy is usually my go-to place. A great many of the items linked up below are things I own myself, or that I’ve given as gifts to other people. Because so many things on Etsy are handmade, they are generally of great quality.

And it’s a great way to support small businesses, which is a bonus, especially in our current situation.

Shop Early | Ship Direct

I will advise you to shop early, and double-check the shipping times to make sure your customized gift has time to arrive before the holidays. Many of the Etsy sellers will allow you to enter a separate shipping address, so if this year you’re forgoing the big family gatherings and gift exchanges, you can have your gift delivered directly to the recipient.

Personalized Bar Sign

This year the holidays will for sure look different than they have in past years, but we can still select meaningful gifts for the special people in our lives that reflect our love for them, no matter the circumstances.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas from Etsy

  1. Love the ideas you’ve found, Niky!!! Happy to feature your post this week at Share Your Style #284. I actually think I bought the same name/letter in a swirl (it has yet to come). I got it off an Instagram advertisement and thought it’d be beautiful for our front door area/this year’s Christmas wreath (if it gets hung, lol!).

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving,
    Barb 🙂

  2. These are all such great ideas, Niky! We were in a similar situation because we had given concert tickets and trips that had to be canceled so this will definitely help. Thanks so much, CoCo

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