A Galvanized Christmas Bucket Pinterest Challenge

You guys, I’m so excited to have been invited to share my Galvanized Christmas Bucket decor in the monthly Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Cindy at Country Road 407! If you’re making your way here from Everyday Edits, wasn’t Laura’s crate amazing? I love the rustic vibes of it so much!

For a while now, I’ve watched the fun from afar, even playing along unofficially. But now, I’m super excited to be official. 😂

Here’s how the Pinterest Challenge works: Several different bloggers take the same photo, and create something similar that will work in their own home and with their own style.

The month’s inspiration photo is from Jennifer at The Grace House Interiors.

Inspiration picture for the Galvanized Christmas Bucket pinterest challenge

I love the Magnolia crate so much, as well as those carved wooden trees, with some seasonal greenery tucked in around them. It’s simple, yet perfect.

As soon as Cindy sent me the inspiration photo, I knew just what I wanted to include in my version! I have a carved wooden tree and reindeer that were my mother’s and knew they would work great in a basket arrangement inspired by Jennifer’s.

Here’s My Version

Galvanized Christmas Bucket

I didn’t have a crate that was the appropriate size to hold my elements, so I used this galvanized bucket instead, for the same farmhouse vibe as the inspiration photo’s crate.

I used my mom’s wooden tree and carved reindeer inside the basket, for a similar look, but with sentimental value as well. ❤️

I also tucked in some greenery in the back, similar to Jennifer’s creation, and then decided to also add some burlap tucked in the basket for added texture, and to hide the books I placed in the bottom of the basket to elevate the tree and deer.

The front of the galvanized Christmas bucket was looking a little plain, so in my first attempt I tucked a Christmas ribbon into the front.

Galvanized Christmas Bucket with farmhouse-style decor

It looked okay, but I just didn’t love it. It felt a little too “busy” and distracted from the tree and deer, which I wanted to be the focal point.

Jennifer’s photo had text on the crate (Magnolia), so I decided to try this Dollar Tree “Peace” ornament, which I liked better than the ribbon!

Galvanized Christmas Bucket

The only thing it needed was a little bit of light!

Jennifer’s photo has some lovely white lights running up her railing, but I have my basket in front of the fireplace, where the plug-in isn’t workable. So, I used a string of my favorite fairy twinkle lights, and just wove them into the greenery for a little sparkle.

They are on a timer, so they automatically come on and go off each evening.

Galvanized Christmas Bucket

I had so much fun participating in this challenge because I always get so much inspiration from other creative bloggers!

Now, you get to see what my other friends came up with for the Pinterest Challenge. Just click on the links below to see all the other creations made from the same lovely inspiration photo.

Next in line is Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home.

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35 thoughts on “A Galvanized Christmas Bucket Pinterest Challenge

  1. I LOVE what you did with your basket Niky – what a great challenge idea!
    Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.
    Congrats for being one of our Featured Guests this week! #464

  2. Niky, welcome to the Pinterest Challenge. You are a great addition. I love that you got to use your mom’s decorations. The burlap is a great way to add natural texture as well as cover the books. I’m always tweeking an arrangement until you feel it is just right. And, of course the fairy lights finish it off. Happy Holidays.

  3. Super cute! I love the galvanized bucket and that wooden tree is gorgeous. Of course the reindeer is beautiful too! I adore the rustic farmhousey vibe!

    So fun hopping with you! Merry Christmas!

  4. I just love your take on this fun challenge! I too like to add just a twinkle of lights into most of my holiday decor. Thanks for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  5. Hi Niki! Yay, you’re “official” now! Ha! I’m so glad you joined us. This Christmas scene is picture-perfect with your galvanized bucket and wooden figurines. The tree and reindeer are so sweet. I love the whole display, really! Good call on adding the ornament in front. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Well you hit it out of the park Niky! I love that you used a bucket you already had but most of all that your tree and reindeer were your mothers. How special is that?! Glad you joined us. Your idea is perfect. I need to add some lights to mine now. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Pinned. 🙂

    1. Oh dear, Ethel, I wish I could tell you more about the galvanized tub, but I’ve had it such a long time I couldn’t say where it came from. It is about 17 inches long, 7 wide and about 7 deep. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by…

  7. I love the tree and the reindeer. So fun that they were your moms. The tub is a perfect farmhouse style alternative. I didn’t even notice lights as an element in the photo. Thanks for pointing that out. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. Sentimental me loves that you used your mom’s tree and reindeer for this challenge. I like the galvanized tub that you used and adding burlap to it ups its farmhouse charm. Enjoy your pretty creation this holiday season!

  9. Hi niky! I love the galvanized bucket idea! Great idea! I peeked around your blog the other night when I found out your post followed mine! Love your photography! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. laura in Colorado

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