Cherry Almond Smoothie

This Cherry Almond Smoothie has been on repeat at my house lately. I’ve been having it at least a couple of times a week for either breakfast, brunch or lunch.

While I was teaching from home during the quarantine, I needed something that I could pull together quickly in between Zoom meetings, and take back to my computer while I continued working. This was perfect.

I’m on “summer break” now, but life hasn’t really slowed down much. I’m taking a grad class, and on a couple of committees as we prepare for how school may look in the fall. Having a quick, yet filling and nutritious, meal option is still a must. Plus, it’s delicious! It reminds me of a PB&J sandwich in smoothie form!

Easy and delicious are a winning combo. Let me show you how simple it is to make.

Only THREE Ingredients!

Seriously, this deliciousness comes from blending together just 3 simple ingredients: frozen cherries, almond milk, and almond butter.

I usually make this with just regular almond butter, but lately we’ve been buying this mixed nut butter from Costco, and it’s fabulous! It has chia, flax and pumpkin seeds mixed into it, which gives it just a little bit of crunchiness, which I love. Plus some extra nutrition benefits, too.

You can use whatever kind of nut butter or nut-free butter you like.

I always have a bag of these organic dark sweet cherries in the freezer. Because they are naturally sweet, this smoothie does not require any additional sugar.


My NutriBullet is the perfect thing to use for this smoothie, because it blends right in the cup, without dirtying extra dishes or the full-sized blender.

I usually use the small cup that comes with the NutriBullet, and my husband makes his with the bigger size.

It’s a simple as filling the blender cup about 2/3 full with frozen cherries, adding in a big dollop of nut butter, and filling the cup the rest of the way with almond milk. We usually buy unsweetened vanilla almond milk, but you can use whatever type of milk you prefer.

You could also put a scoop of your favorite protein powder in here if you’re looking for some extra protein, but I usually don’t. Between the almond milk and the almond butter, it’s already got some protein in it, but feel free to bump it up if you want!

Mix it Up!

Finally, just twist the mixing blade onto your cup, insert it into the NutriBullet, and zhoosh it all up!

Pop in one of these extra big straws, and you’re read to go!

The sweet cherries combined with the nut butter are perfect together, and the vanilla almond milk gives it just the right amount of creaminess. You guys, it is so good!

This particular Cherry Almond Smoothie accompanied me while I took a quick break from school work to get some fresh air, sunshine and check on my garden. I love that it’s so portable. The NutriBullet cups come with lids, but I usually don’t bother unless I’m taking mine in the car.

Let me know if you give it a try! I’d love to know what you think! 💕

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