Bomb Pop Drink

This red, white, and blue Bomb Pop Drink can be made non-alcoholic, or add a shot of liquor to turn it into a cocktail for the adults.

For our Fourth of July BBQ this year, I decided to create a Make Your Own Bomb Pop Cocktail bar.

This delicious summer drink is so fun, and so easy, and guests can customize it to their liking.

Bomb Pop Drink
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How to Make a Bomb Pop Drink

I set all the ingredients out on a little tray, including a selection of liquor options: vodka, Bacardi, UV Blue, Watermelon Smirnoff, tequila, and Malibu.

I created a colorful sign to give some basic instructions for how to assemble the drink.

  1. Add ice to the cup
  2. Add Spindrift sparkling water
  3. Add a jigger of your choice of liquor
  4. Add simple syrup if more sweetness is desired
  5. Get a Bomb Pop from the freezer & stir!

See, I told it was easy!

–> You can get your own copy of this sign in my Etsy shop. It’s a digital download that you can print out quickly and you’ll be all set for your party. Plus, it’s on sale right now for just a couple of bucks!

Bomb Pop Drink
Bomb Pop Drink non alcoholic

You could also use Sprite, 7Up, Fresca, or your favorite flavored sparkling water, like LaCroix.

If you are using soda that already has sugar, you likely wouldn’t need the simple syrup, but I like giving people the option of sweetening it to their liking. Plus, as the Bomb Pop melts, it adds extra sweetness to the drink.

—>Tip: Simple syrup is so easy to make: 1 cup water mixed with 1 cup sugar, and then simmered until the sugar dissolves. Let it cool, and poor it into a mason jar. Keep refrigerated.

Bomb Pop Cocktail Drink
Bomb Pop Printable HERE

Jazz it Up!

You could add some extras to your Bomb Pop Drink if you want to get fancy.

  • Got some mint in your garden? Put out a few sprigs along with a muddler, and your guests can make Bomb Pop Mojitos!
  • Set out some berries to add to the drinks for some extra red, white, and blue pizzazz.
  • Flavored simple syrup is so easy to make! While your sugar is dissolving in the hot water, infuse it with some extra flavor: a few mint or basil leaves, cucumber slices, berries, watermelon rind…. the list goes on.

This is such a simple, seasonal drink to help keep cool in the July heat. It’s fun for the kids and adults alike.

Cheers & Happy Fourth of July,

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7 thoughts on “Bomb Pop Drink

  1. Delicious idea Niky! Love the free printable recipe sign!
    We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

  2. My husband and I were just talking about bomb pops this past weekend! I bet we would enjoy this too. Thank you for sharing Niky!

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