Beadboard Cabinet DIY Update with Paint

Today I’m sharing my Beadboard Cabinet DIY Update with Paint for the Blogger’s DIY Challenge hosted by Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip! If you’ve found your way here from Michelle’s lovely post at Blessings by Me, then welcome!

Beadboard Cabinet DIY Update with Paint

This cabinet is special, not only because it’s beautiful, but because it was handcrafted by my dad for my mom. It’s one of the pieces I kept when we settled their estate and sold their home.

It was created as a TV cabinet, back when big tube televisions were still a thing. When my parents upgraded to a flat screen years later, this cabinet was resigned to the basement. I’m excited to give it a new purpose, and bring it out where it can be seen and loved.

The yellow was so pretty, but it had seen better days.

I knew this special beadboard cabinet would be gorgeous again with a little DIY update with paint.

Time to Get to Work

I like to get an early start on my projects, so the mister hauled this baby outside for me before he left for work, I filled up my coffee cup, and got busy…

General Finishes in Alabaster

General Finishes in Alabaster was the perfect color for this project. It’s a soft, neutral white that’s not too bright, but also not too yellow-y.

The Hardware

I love the hardware my parents chose for this piece. The cabinet doors have full wrap hinges that allow them to fold all the way back and out of the way, but unlike the front handles, the door hinges had been painted over. I started to paint over them in white as well, and then decided I’d rather strip them back down to bare metal instead.

So off the doors came, and I plunked the hinges into a jar filled with a little Citristrip.

I was already getting excited at this point, because look how pretty that beadboard is painted white.

One coat of paint done…

And two coats…

Look how much better the door hinges look restored back to black metal again!

It may have originally been meant for a TV cabinet, but now it’s perfect for storage in the guest bedroom. Especially the guest bedroom that has so many of my family pieces in it.

My dad was such an amazing handyman. I often look back on some of his projects and I’m amazed at all the things he could fix or build. It makes me happy to have this special piece that my mom designed and my dad built now living in my house.

You can see the entire guest bedroom makeover HERE that includes other family pieces and two more furniture makeovers!

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16 thoughts on “Beadboard Cabinet DIY Update with Paint

  1. Niki,
    what an amazing transformation!! And what an amazing piece and how lucky you are to have all the memories that are attached to it right there in your home! My Dad was the same way as he built the 2 houses that my mother and him lived in while married…I wish he would have been able to pass on that vast knowledge to my sons but unfortunately, my sons do not even remember him as they were very young when he passed away….Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Wonderful update, Niky. It’s awesome that your dad made this piece and it belonged to your parents. The white with the black hardware looks so classic. What a great place for storage ~ I see lots of bedding like quilts and blankets.

  3. Be still my heart. The story behind this cabinet is precious. So glad you were able to restore the hinges. I too am drawn to family heirlooms and believe they should be passed on. Your makeover shows that they can serve current home decor yet still hold that special place in your heart. Looks so beautiful in your guest room.

  4. What a beautiful piece! And how cool that your dad made it. It’s beautiful! I love that you put it in the guest room with other family heirlooms. Sounds like that was the perfect place for it.

  5. Love the update on your dad’s cabinet, Niki! What a wonderful way to cherish and keep a family heirloom! I think choosing to finish it in white is the perfect choice! Fits in nicely with any decor for years to come!

  6. What a beautiful transformation. Paint makes everything better. I love how clean and crisp it looks. The hardware is just perfect for it. Thanks for sharing!

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