Advent Calendar for Couples

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Today is all about advent calendars. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to get inspiration from all the other bloggers as well. 🎄

My Easy Advent Calendar for Couples

For this project, I decided to make a fun calendar geared toward couples.

This year, some of our typical seasonal activities, such as parties and large events, may not be wise, so what better time to savor some of the simple pleasures of the season?

This calendar includes lots of small things you and your partner can do to connect, relax, slow down, and have fun together during the month of December.

I created 24 small, easy-to-do activities for my husband and me to enjoy together, but the great thing about this calendar is that it is easily customizable.

Personalize it to make it fit your interests and the amount of time you have available.

This should not be “one more thing” to try and accomplish during the holidays, which can already be a stressful time for some, let alone during a pandemic.

Instead, this should be a way to create small experiences that will help you relax and enjoy the season.

Gift Tags

Use Christmas gift tags to make your couples advent calendar.

I bought these gift tags from Amazon to make the creation of this calendar super easy. If you have a Cricut or are feeling super crafty, you could certainly make your own tags.

These were inexpensive though, so I went the easy route, which is what I need right now. Remember, I said the purpose of this was to slow down and enjoy the season.

Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily. Take the shortcut if you need to.

–>Update: If you really want to press the “easy button”, you can now purchase ready-made advent calendars for couples in my Etsy Shop!

There are two options:

Create the Activities for Couples

Add fun ideas to the back of your Advent Calendar for Couples
Advent calendar romantic ideas

I simply typed my 24 activities on a Google Doc and printed them out. Then I cut them apart and pasted each one on the back of a tag.

Choose a Display Method for your Advent Calendar for Couples

I used a chalkboard for my Advent Calendar for Couples, but a cork board, an empty wall frame, or even a piece of foam or cardboard would work too.

I used this chalkboard sign that I purchased for my daughter’s bridal shower and wedding.

Other ideas for your display:

  • a chalkboard
  • a bulletin board
  • a large picture frame, with Christmas wrapping paper, fabric, or even brown butcher paper behind the glass.
  • a piece of distressed or reclaimed wood
  • tag board
  • a mirror (we used a mirror to hang table assignments at my daughter’s wedding and it was beautiful!)

Hanging the Tags

Twine or string to attach the tags to the Advent Calendar for Couples

The gift tags I bought came with two choices of string, which made this project even easier (and more economical), but you can use whatever string or ribbon you like.

Attach twine for gift tags on the couples advent calendar.

I wrapped it around the chalkboard to create three tiers, so I could hang 8 tags on each tier.

I purchased mini clothes pins to add a rustic, farmhouse look to my Advent Calendar for Couples

I bought this pack of 100 mini clothespins to clip each tag to the string. Aren’t they cute?! They were less than $8 bucks for the whole pack, and I can use them for other projects in the future, too.

Here are the numbered tags for each day in the month of December for the Advent Calendar for Couples
Advent Calendar romantic ideas

I numbered each tag on the front from 1-24, so that an activity can be turned over for each day in December leading up to Christmas.

I tried to place activities so that they aligned with which were more doable on weeknights, versus weekends, but I also plan to allow for switching things around as needed.

Again, this is meant to be low-stress and fun, so if an activity ends up not fitting on a particular day, we’ll just swap it with another.

Each day of December you remove a tag from the advent calendar and complete the activity on the back.
Advent calendar ideas for couples.

For example, on weeknights, I have activities like:

  • Eat dinner by candlelight
  • Make spiked hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie
  • Cook dinner together while listening to Christmas music
  • Take a winter walk after dark
  • Make Christmas charcuterie for dinner
  • Read in front of the fire together

Some activities will work better on weekends, like:

  • Get coffee/hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights
  • Make a special breakfast together
  • Enjoy a lazy morning coffee date at home
  • Take an afternoon nap together

But again, all of these are flexible.

Create a variety of ideas, like advent calendar romantic ideas, relaxing ideas, fun ideas, and active ideas….

The joy of this lies in spending time with your special someone and enjoying the spirit of the season together.

PIn for the Advent Calendar for Couples
Dance to Christmas music is one activity idea for couples on this calendar.

Wishing you small joys,

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29 thoughts on “Advent Calendar for Couples

  1. I think I featured this previously but doing so again when my party opens because I think it’s so easy for couples to focus on everyone else and forget each other. I love it.

  2. I love how do-able this is, and it’s such a cute idea. I’m not in a relationship, so this wouldn’t work quite the same way for me – but it’s definitely something that can be adapted for different people! #happynow


  3. Niky, I love this simple and easy way to add the fun of an advent calendar to your holiday. The messages on the back are really stress-free – something we all need more of right now!
    Thanks again for participating in the hop 🙂

  4. What a great idea, Niky! I love the focus on experiences instead of gifts. I may have to borrow some of your ideas for my daughter’s advent calendar. She would love “dance to Christmas music” and “get hot cocoa and drive around looking at Christmas lights”. The gift tags look so cute displayed on your chalkboard sign with the mini clothespins. Thanks for sharing! It was fun joining you on the hop 🙂

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