A Christmas Story

Today’s installment of the Christmas Blog Hop hosted by Rachelle from My Hubbard Home is all about Christmas movies.

When I heard the theme, I knew exactly what I would write about, because while there are many Christmas movies I enjoy, I really only have one favorite.

A Christmas Story House

My husband was born in Cleveland, where the original A Christmas Story House is. You can tour it, or even spend the night inside!

When we were visiting his family a few years ago, his sweet cousins took us on a whirlwind tour of Cleveland, including the house, and the museum across the street. The house contains many of the movie props, and in the museum, you can buy all things A Christmas Story!

My love for this movie runs deep. Yes, I enjoy it for the simple fact that it’s cute and funny. And because it takes place in 1939, I like all the vintage aspects of it, too.

But the biggest reason I love it is that A Christmas Story has been a part of my Christmas memories for more than 20 years now.

In 1997, TBS began airing A Christmas Story around the clock beginning on Christmas Eve and running through the entire day on Christmas. This 24-hour marathon is watched by millions every year, my family included.

Another Christmas Story

This sweet little house is a time capsule for almost all my Christmas memories over the past 50 years. I grew up here, and even after I moved out and had a family of my own, nearly every holiday was spent in this house, with my parents.

My dad loved A Christmas Story too, and somewhere many, many years ago, it became a backdrop to most of our family Christmas celebrations. The movie was always already playing at my parents’ house when we arrived to celebrate with them on Christmas Day, and it remained on, often with the sound turned off, throughout the day. The sound wasn’t necessary, though–we all knew it so well we quoted our favorite lines many times over.

This is how I remember Christmas in my mind… the kids all so small and excited about gifts, my mom’s beautifully decorated tree and house, her elaborately wrapped gifts spilling out from under the tree, my dad always down on the floor playing with the kids and their new toys….

These are just a few of the pics. The rest are packed away, still too painful to look at for long.

This will be our first Christmas since the passing of both of my parents.

The little house that holds a lifetime of my Christmas memories? It’s been sold, and the new owners take possession today.

This Christmas, for the first time in nearly 50 years, a new family will be celebrating with their own traditions in this house. It helps me when I think of there being joy and happiness inside those walls again, after the past couple of years of sickness, loss, and grief.

All of our kids are young adults now. I like to imagine what the future looks like, when we eventually become grandparents ourselves, and I get to take on the role my parents played…of welcoming all the kids and grandkids to our home to carry on these beloved traditions.

And you know what? I have a feeling A Christmas Story will be playing in the background.

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8 thoughts on “A Christmas Story

  1. Thanks for linking up with Not Just A Mom. I hate to say I am from the Cleveland area but not a fan of A Christmas Story. I think it has to do with I never saw it as a kid so I don’t have the memories to go along with it. I watch it now and I’m like what did I just watch.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss and the pain you must be feeling this Holiday season. I love how you put it though– a new family is bringing joy to your old house this holiday season. Thank you for linking up with Not Just a Mom today!

  3. I was never a big fan of A Christmas Story until a few years ago when I watched it with my boys and my youngest just thought it was hilarious. We even found a few Christmas Story village pieces in a few of our local stores and toyed with the idea of buying a few pieces.

  4. Hey Niky, What a fun Christmas Story connection to the house! My cousins loved that movie, and we watched it a lot too. My heart also goes out to you this Christmas. I’m so sorry for your loss. Wishing peace for you and your family.

  5. Niky, This is such a thoughtful post. I love that you toured the original house but I’m sorry you will be without your parents this year. Mine are still with me, but this year won’t be the most joyous that’s for sure. Your family photos are so fun to see. Is that you with the Brittney Spears book? So fun!

  6. Oh Niky, I’m so sorry to hear that this will be the first year without your parents. It will be 10 years without my mom this year, and it doesn’t get any easier. Like you, I have wonderful Christmas memories of when we’d all gather at my mom’s house. A Christmas Story is such a classic! I have it on my list, too. How cool that you got to visit the house in Cleveland where the movie was filmed! I enjoyed hearing about how significant this movie has been in your family’s life. It will surely be a tradition that you pass down to your grandchildren!

  7. That’s a beautiful story Niky. I love the timing and that you’re honoring your parents in this sweet way. I hope this Christmas – as weird as it already is – will be one with new traditions and happy memories! So nice hopping with you again!

  8. Thanks for sharing your favorite movie and family story, Niky. Like you, my mom and dad lived in their house on Hubbard Ave for over 60 years. It’s been sold, and other than pictures, the memories are tucked away into my heart.
    All of your family pictures brought tears and smiles at the same time.

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