How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower

Are you here because you’re trying to figure out how to host an amazing bridal shower? Good! I’d love to help you!

My sweet daughter is getting married in November, and this past weekend, we hosted a bridal shower for her. It was such a wonderful day! Weeks and weeks of planning and prep went into it all, but seeing her beautiful smiling face as she enjoyed it made this mama’s heart so happy.

How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower

Because I am still on summer break from school, it allowed me more time to really enjoy creating all the little details to make it extra special.

How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower

Welcome sign on the porch for the bridal shower.
This chalkboard sign that I got for 75% off at Hobby Lobby was perfect to welcome people at the front door.
DIY signs for the bridal shower.
Mini wine bottle wedding favors.
My son designed and created these tags for the favors. I explained to him what I wanted, and he made it perfectly. He’s so good with things like this.
How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower
These mini wine bottles come in many varieties, but I chose the ones that stayed within my color scheme– White Merlot, Rose, White Zinfandel, and Pink Moscato.
How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower: wine bottle favors are done!
How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower
Display the shower favorites in a pretty way.
How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower:  Mini wine bottles that look like brides.

Since we had guests coming from out of town, we decided to have a brunch shower beginning at 11 a.m. That gave people coming from afar time to get here, and still get back home before it got too late.

My daughter’s wedding accent color is “dusty rose”, so I went with a pink floral theme for the shower.

Fun shower games:  Do you know the bride?
>Bridal Shower Games–Amazon
Floral plates
Pink floral plates & napkins–Amazon
Advice for the Bride
“Advice & Wishes for the Mr. and Mrs.”

I used cute little signs in a few places. The set of shower games I ordered from Amazon came with little “Advice for the Bride” cards, so I created my own sign that said, “Advice & Wishes for the Mr. & Mrs.” and set it up on the kitchen table for guests to leave some words of wisdom for the couple. For the sign, I just found a free watercolor background of pink flowers online, printed it out and typed my own wording over the top, and then popped it in a frame I already had.

I ordered these cute little pink golf pencils from Amazon, and placed them in a tea cup as part of the arrangement. These were perfect for guests to use to fill out the advice cards, and to play all the shower games. A DIY table runner made out of paper doilies from the Dollar Tree that I glued together, and a flower arrangement of pink roses and mixed pastel mini carnations finished off the whole thing. The Mr. & Mrs. sign is also from the Dollar Tree.

Mimosa Bar DIY
Mimosa Bar

The Mimosa Bar sign was a free printable online, and it included all the labels for various flavors of juice. I also used a frame I already had, and ribbons left over from the mini wine bottle wedding favors to attach them to the juice jars. These jars were originally purchased for a cocktail party we had in February, and worked perfectly for this. These are another Dollar Tree purchase.

Coffee Bar-- Love is Brewing-- How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower
“Love is Brewing”

For the coffee bar, I used my Keurig with a variety of K Cups for people to choose from. The “Love is Brewing” sign was an instant download from Etsy. I think it cost $8.00, but it could be personalized. The seller asked for the couple’s names in the comments section when you order, and I had my personalized copy in my email, ready to be printed, just a few hours later.

How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower- mini desserts and appetizers.

All of the my serving platters are items I’ve collected over the years. They are various styles, and china patterns, but I always buy white, so they can be mixed and matched and work for any occasion or holiday, and with any accent colors.

I had fun making all the food myself, with exception of the French Macarons, which I bought from Costco. Here is the menu:

Mini Quiches
Mini Quiches
How to Host an Amazing Bridal Shower-- lots of food!
Orange scones for the shower food.
mini yogurt parfaits
mini desserts and mini pies
mini muffins for the bridal shower brunch
dipped strawberries in pink for the bridal shower
Macarones from Costco make great easy finger-food for showers and parties.
Costco Macarons

Party-planning is something I really enjoy, but this was a big under-taking and there was no way I could have had it all ready for an 11 a.m. shower without help from my sweet hubby. He’s always so willing to jump in and help out with anything that is needed. Even though he worked all week, he came home each night, ready to tackle the things from my “to-do” list.

Cleaning for the bridal shower
My handsome window washer 🙂

The night before the shower, he stayed up well past midnight with me, chopping ingredients, washing dishes and cleaning up after me, as I dipped strawberries, crafted flower arrangements, and mixed batters.

Dipped strawberries for the bridal shower
White chocolate dipped strawberries with a variety of sprinkles.
Pink and white flowers to match the wedding shower theme.
I bought flowers from Costco, and arranged them myself. This is more budget-friendly than buying pre-made arrangements. A dozen long-stemmed pink roses, and a bouquet of pastel mini carnations cost me a total of $25.

Then, he got up with me before dawn the next morning, fixed my coffee and again functioned as my “sous chef” while I baked scones, frosted muffins, and piped filling into the pastry shells. I insisted he didn’t have to wake up that early with me, but he insisted. I’m a lucky girl, and I know it.

Prepping early for the wedding shower.
My sous-chef

It really was a wonderful day. My daughter is such a hard-working, motivated, caring young woman who does so much everyday to make the world a better place. It meant so much to me to be able to give her a memorable day as she prepares to start her life as a married woman.

gifts for the shower
empty champagne bottles from the mimosa bar
These ladies put down a lot of Mimosas!

So many friends and family members came to shower Cassidy with love and gifts. There was also laughter, games, and lots of Mimosas. Mission accomplished.

Update: You can see a sneak peek of the wedding HERE.

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