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Strawberry Rhubarb Bars

Strawberry Rhubarb Bars are the epitome of summer dessert! A buttery shortbread base with tangy rhubarb and juicy strawberries on top! It’s that time of year when two of my favorite things align– summer vacation and rhubarb season! Because of my neck surgery, I haven’t been able to do any baking for weeks. But, I’m slowly gaining some of my energy back, and summer break officially began this week, so it seemed fitting to celebrate by baking up a batch […]

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Easy Rhubarb Custard Bars

A shortbread crust, a layer of rhubarb and rich custard, finished with a thick, whipped, cheesecake-like topping, and these easy Rhubarb Custard Bars do not disappoint. I have so much rhubarb coming out of my garden this spring, I’ve been searching for new ways to use it! I’ve baked up all my favorite rhubarb dessert classics, plus experimented with a few rhubarb cocktails too! These Easy Rhubarb Custard Bars are near the top of the list for my favorites so […]

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Rhubarb Almond Cake

This Rhubarb Almond Cake is the latest collaboration between me and my rapidly producing rhubarb patch. It’s that time of year when I can hardly keep up with all the delicious spring stalks growing in my yard. I’m not complaining one bit though, because rhubarb reminds me of home, and generations of bakers in my family who used their homegrown rhubarb in the most delicious desserts that take me back to my childhood. Many of those family recipes are still […]

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Old Fashioned Rhubarb Custard Pie

It’s rhubarb season in Iowa and rhubarb pie is one of my most favorite ways to use our homegrown stalks. My mom’s amazing rhubarb pie recipe is still my very favorite, but I was inspired by a rhubarb custard pie that a sweet co-worker of my husband’s gifted us from a little Amish bakery near her farm. It was so delicious that I decided to try and recreate the recipe myself, and ended up with this tart and creamy Old […]

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The Best Rhubarb Recipes

One of my favorite times of year– RHUBARB SEASON– is here, and I’m sharing four of the best rhubarb recipes that use this delicious seasonal wonder! For 14 years at my former house, I grew rhubarb in the back yard that was transplanted from my mom’s garden. Every spring and early summer, I’d joyfully harvest it to make some of the family recipes handed down to me. If it had not been the middle of a frozen January when we […]

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Easy Cobbler Recipe for Leftover Fruit

Cobbler with Leftover fruit

This easy cobbler recipe is perfect for leftover fruit that needs to be used up. I had some berries that needed to be used after a visit from family, but lots of other kinds of fruit work well, too. Don’t be afraid to experiment. A little of this, a little of that… This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. Leftover Berries Fruit Cobbler Recipe This recipe really couldn’t be any easier, […]

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Sundays on Silverado 191

Evie coloring eggs

Life Lately Happy Easter, friends! Baby Hayden turned 3 months already! He’s filled out so much already that his parents call him “Bruiser”. 😂 He has the sweetest smile that fills his whole face. I spent a couple of days visiting the littles last week. Evie and I tried the method of coloring eggs with whipped cream and food coloring in a bag. As you can see, they didn’t turn out too colorful, but we had fun anyway. And the […]

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Sundays on Silverado #151

85th cake

Life Lately Oh boy, this past week has been so busy, but in a good way. One of those weekends when you’re so tired after it’s over, but your heart is full, ya know? Birthday Party! It was my mother-in-law’s 85th birthday, and that deserves a party! Happily, we were able to gather a lot of the family together to celebrate. All three boys were in town, along with all four of the kids. Of course, Evie was a complete […]

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Sundays on Silverado #148

Thrifted Planter Makeover Project

Life Lately I love summer. Anyone else? I love all the things that go with summer: fun adventures, being outdoors, gardening, sunshine, relaxation… We’re off to a good start. We went to the zoo! We played with the water table… On Memorial Day, several of the kids and my MIL were able to come over for lunch. Our daughter Lauren brought her new puppy, Teddy. Oh, he’s precious. I made my mom’s recipe for “Rhubarb Crunch” for dessert. It’s easy […]

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Sundays on Silverado #146

Thistle Key Lane orchid

Life Lately I had a wonderful Mother’s Day last Sunday. The kids and Baby Evie were here, and we also had my MIL over for dinner on Saturday night. We had such a good time, I failed to take any pictures. I can’t believe I didn’t take one single pic with my kids on Mother’s Day! I always get so caught up in enjoying myself that I forget to snap photos, and then later I’m disappointed. Anyone else? The kids […]

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