Holiday Delivery Drivers Treat Basket

Have you seen this viral video of an Amazon delivery driver’s reaction to a basket of treats left outside a home? I watched it several times, because it just makes me smile. It’s reminder of the little things that we do for others that make a bigger difference than we often realize.

Delivery services can be self-care…

I have a particularly high level of appreciation for delivery drivers, because I don’t know what I’d do these days without home delivery services. I think we literally get a package left at our door almost every day. I’ve talked about stress and self-care, and finding ways to lighten your load just a little in some of my past posts. And for me, utilizing services such as Amazon Prime, Target Restock, Sephora, and anyplace else that will drop it at my door, so that I don’t have to work in one more errand has been a big help.

I use delivery services on a regular basis all year long, but during the holidays I rely on them even more. This year, in fact, as of today, I have not purchased one single gift from an actual store. Every bit of my Christmas shopping has been online.

Life happens…

This past weekend, my husband and I had a small window of just a few hours available on Saturday, and we had planned to go out to breakfast and then knock out a little bit of shopping. Unfortunately, we got awakened very early on Saturday morning to a phone call that my dad was in the ER. He was in the ICU all weekend, but is doing much better now. Needless to say, we spent most of our weekend at the hospital with him, and shopping didn’t happen.

By the time we got home late on Sunday evening, all I wanted to do was put my pajamas on and try to rest before the start of another busy week. As tired as I was though, it didn’t escape my awareness that our doorbell rang at nearly 9:00pm, indicating that yet another delivery of packages had just been dropped off. Sunday night, at 9:00pm and those hard-working delivery drivers were still out in the dark and cold, working to make my life just a little easier. Yes, I am appreciative.

The viral video that’s been making the rounds captured my attention, because for the past couple of years, I’ve also been putting a basket out to thank our delivery people. While we haven’t captured any reactions quite like the fun gentleman in the video, I do see the snacks from my basket disappearing each day, and I like the idea that I can provide just a little bit of a “boost” to these workers who are literally running all day long, from home to home.

A little treat and a sincere “thank you” are such small gestures, but it’s important to remember that no matter how busy we get, these little expressions of appreciation and thanks really do matter in our world.

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    1. Thank you, Joanne! I don’t know what I’d do without Amazon Prime. It’s such a sanity saver, especially this time of year!

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